“The Transporter” Star Jason Statham’s Freak Workout

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“The Transporter” Star Jason Statham’s Freak Workout

Hollywood Action Hero, Jason Statham, is known for performing highly physical and dangerous stunts in movies, and in past few years no other actor has come close to what he has achieved. Even though he has decent acting skills, most people want to see him performing some amazing stunts and fight scenes. Here we are going to talk about Statham’s incredible ripped physique and the workout that made it all possible.

Statham Workout Rules

  • When it comes to workout routine, there are few rules Statham never breaks. These are:
  • Train six days a week with only one day’s rest.
  • Each workout session lasts maximum 40 minutes.
  • No workout is repeated again
  • Records each and every workout including the rest time, weights lifted and calories consumed.

Statham has divided his workout into four parts.

# 1: Warm-up

Daily workout starts with warm-up exercises in which Jason like to perform rowing machine for 10 minutes max.

# 2: Varied Movements

In the 2nd part, Jason would pick any one activity from squats, deadlifts, heavy lifting, medicine ball exercises, kettleball swings, and light weight circuits.

Examples: Bodyweight squats, ring pull-ups, and pyramid circuit of pushups. Jason performs one round/rep of each of these three exercises and then he increases the reps until he hit 5 reps. If you are thinking that’s it, no more, you are mistaken as Jason would perform the same routine but backwards. He will start will five reps and lower until he hits one rep.

Now moving on to deadlifts, he would complete eight sets.

Start your 1st set at 35% of your 1RM (one rep max) for 10 reps. Rest for 60 seconds after the 1st set and increase your weight by approximately 10% each time until you hit your 1RM. Perform 5 reps for the 2nd set and rest for 2 minutes.

Follow this order: Ten reps for first set, five reps for second set, and three reps for third set. Jason sets his rest time to three minutes for all sets after completing the second set.


# 3: Interval training

During interval training, Jason completes six sets of 500 meter sprints. After each sprint he allocates just three minutes of resting time.

# 4: Cool-down

This is the last phase of the Jason’s workout, which is considered the most important and it involves cooling-down in a trampoline. He performs ten minutes of freestyle aerial workout to complete the 45 minute workout session for the day. This rounds-off the incredible workout routine from Jason Statham. Let us know what you think about the workout in the comments section below.

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