3 Fitness Factors You Should Never Forget About
February 21, 2017
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How To Choose A Gym

We all make the new year new me resolution and very few stick by it and while everyone’s top 5 goals include a line like ‘Get fit’ or ‘Lose weight’ or ‘Join a gym’, we rarely do anything about it. So if you have really decided that you have to join a gym to become the hottest person you know other than Hollywood stars, then you need to think about some serious commitment.

You cannot just walk in a gym close by and join it, you need to look for some important things before saying ‘I do’ to a gym membership form. Find a place that has more pros than cons. Here are a few things that might help you:

  • Money-Money-Money

Cash rules everything. Seriously. It does. So you wouldn’t want to join a gym one month where you are financially stable and leave the next when you spend more on shoes than on a gym fee. You have to look for a gym that falls in your budget. Gym discounts happen usually after every New Year’s, or in February (THIS IS IT LADIES, GYM IS ON SALE TOO). Make sure that you are charged for the things you use, for example, if you are just using the weights than don’t pay a fee that includes sauna and bath and what not. Make sure,  substance over glitter.

  • List your essentials

Make a list of all the things you need in a gym, like exercise bikes and a treadmill, weights, sauna, etc. If you are into strength training, you need a spacious gym, not a congested one. You’ll be surprised how soon you’ll realize you wanted something different after a month. So make sure you consider all factors including pre and post workout tasks.

  • Location

Convenient. Look for a gym that is convenient for you. If you go to a gym before work, make sure it is close to your workplace so you don’t get late. And if you go after work, then the gym needs to be closer to your home. Traffic matters too, otherwise you’re stuck. If the place is within running or walking distance, then you’re all good.

  • Quality over everything

Visit the gym and see if the machines are in perfect condition, or if the environment is healthy. Hygiene is a very important factor while choosing a gym. Check the benches for cables and repairs, check if the dumbbells are rusty, see if the cardio machines are fully functional and are not making weird creaking sounds etc. Devil is in the details. See if the music or the light is too much for you if the bathrooms are clean. Tell tales of a gym are always two things: Bathrooms and Corners.

  • Competent Trainers and employees

Research. Check social media, ask around, gossip with your friends about the staff and the trainers and see if they are courteous, motivated and qualified enough to BE in a gym. If you are planning to spend some quality time getting fit every day, then you should make sure that people there are there to help. They should be able to tell the difference between routines and should be able to guide you in your workouts and maybe suggest better deals.

  • Finalizing

Keep your eyes on the prize. The end goal is you getting fit while keeping your wallet intact. There are gyms that make sure their customers get all the things they require, always ask about the perks. If a gym is not in coherence with your lifestyle or can’t seem to connect with the people there , you might be skipping gym every now and then. See the contract, read it VERY carefully, check for cancellation terms, hidden charges, stuff like that. A good gym contract safeguards interests of both parties.

And finally, COMMIT.

If you fully commit to going to a gym daily and getting fit, you’ll be happy and excited to list and check all things mentioned above. If you still feel reluctant, find a friend to accompany you, convince your loved one to join it with you.  Good Luck!

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