3 Fitness Factors You Should Never Forget About

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February 1, 2017
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February 22, 2017
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3 Fitness Factors You Should Never Forget About

When it comes to staying fit, everyone seems to be an expert on this topic, they will offer all kinds to tips but a human body doesn’t work like that. There are many factors which come into effect when you are trying to achieve that SUPERMAN physique. So you must be able to understand these factors.

What are they?



There is a popular phrase ‘You Are What You Eat’. Remember, 75% of your total fitness comes from nutrition, whatever you put in your body becomes a part of you. So it’s extremely important that you consume ONLY the good diet and avoid all kinds of processed food. Today when you look at your eating habits, you will hardly find anything that is Organic or Fresh. Even the meat we buy from the stores is usually frozen, which is not good heath wise. So the next time you go for your grocery shopping look for those food items that you can either grow or kill. Also, when it comes to liquid diet, forget everything but Water, and drink lots of it every day.

Indoor cycling

If you leave 75% out for nutrition, the rest of the 25% is all about going to the gym and busting your ass. If you find going to the gym boring for some reason, then ask your friend to accompany you or take up a sport such as boxing or mixed martial arts. It’s a lot of fun and will turn you into a beast overnight (or may be not – but it’ll definitely put you on the path! Workout at least 4-5 days in a week and for minimum 1-2 hours daily. Anything less will not give you your desired results.


After a hectic workout, you must give your body a proper rest that includes a minimum 8 hours of sleep every night. If you are wondering how rest can help you with your fitness! Interestingly, it is that time of the day when your body is recuperating, repairing and building muscle.


All the above things are extremely important, but none of them would count if you are unable to keep your spirits high and motivate yourself to go hard in the gym every day. Remember, no one can beat you but yourself! KEEP YOURSELF MOTIVATED.

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