MMA Fitness Routine Startup

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MMA Fitness Routine Startup

From diet changes to fitness regimes, MMA fighters require time to train and to build up the stamina and strength to fight in the ring. Plus, you can never actually scale every fighter equally. Every fighter is born with different attributes and characteristics that reflect overall when they are training for MMA.

There are no set rules to become a master trainer of your body yet you are the only one who can push the limits on your body to achieve required results. The technical mastery of various martial arts is itself a craft and combine them with fitness routines and then you can say that you are on the path to become a good MMA fighter.

A good MMA fighter has the endurance and stamina to go five-minute rounds and after that, if they still have some juice left that is considered a positive point. Every lethal strike leaves both fighters craving for rest or boost in strength.

These are the basics you need to get on track:

1. Always have a goal in your mind

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Ambition is the key to focus here. Trainers are hired to mold that passion into focused energy. Following the goal to become your best self is exactly what an MMA fighter needs. There are different exercise routines for every sport and for MMA, you have to make sure every part of your body is getting the attention required. For example, if you are not light on your feet, then you need to increase the exercises that increase mobility.

2. Strength comes after skill not before


Strength and power in a fighter are good qualities but they should never overwhelm the skill set and the execution. This is a very key element for a trainer to pay attention to. If the fighter is sore that he misses his training’s, that means you have drained his strength altogether rather than using it as a tool to enhance his skills. For example, to properly use a sledgehammer, you have to align the strength of upper body (neck, shoulder, arms etc.) with lower body.

3. Defense before offense


In literally every boxing movie, the trainer tells the fighter that he/ she needs to focus on his/ her defense before training for offense. Your body needs to be in a shape where you are well equipped to handle strong punches and kicks, block them and then attack. Remember, your career depends on how well you can handle the hits. If your defense is weak, you might get knocked out more often than amateur fighter. You need to make sure that your sessions are both productive and effective. Using skipping rope to increase footwork is one of the most effective exercises.

4. Adapt to the fight


Movement for MMA fighters is literally the entire fight. Be it punches, be it kicking your opponent, you have to focus on the gravity and adjust your movements accordingly. Every opponent is different than the other. Your job is to make sure you don’t exhaust yourself before the main fight. Build yourself back up rather than straining yourself more. For example, if in one day you did an hour long sparring session, don’t spend another hour on it, and try something else.

5. Take care of your diet


You must’ve heard the term “It’s better to eat five or six meals than to eat three bigger meals”. And it is not wrong. Gains are necessary for an MMA fighter. Regular meals will increase your appetite and it will also increase your metabolism. Result? You won’t feel lethargic. Instead, you’ll be able to train more actively. Meal composition is second half of the puzzle. For example, Protein is necessary for every meal.

MMA is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have decided that this is what you want to do, stick to the points mentioned above and create your own list of dos and don’ts.

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