Maximize Your Workout Potential Through Freeletics

April 17, 2015
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April 20, 2015
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Maximize Your Workout Potential Through Freeletics



Freeletics is a new workout regimen that will maximize your workout potential and help you achieve the body shape you so desire. It is the only workout which is individualized to such an extent that it is tailor-made to suit your every need. Freeletics coaches help out every individual in personalizing their training sessions, and their workout time along with other activities is governed through health apps available on iOS and Android.




Freeletics is helpful regardless of your gender as the exercises are dynamically adjusted to suit everyone’s needs. If you have a scrawny build, it will help you shape yourself by building muscle mass and gaining weight. If the goal is to lose weight, then it will improve your lifestyle by burning muscle faster and increasing your stamina for routine activities as well.

A Freeletics workout lasts for about three to three-and-a-half minutes at the start. It starts with you setting your workout goals in which your freeletics coach helps. As the time passes, you will increase your workout time little-by-little.

The freeletics will maximize your workout potential through high intensity physical exertion which will not let you up. There are no breathers when you do you short burst of high intense exercise that will get faster as the time ways on. The results produced also become faster with each time and you will feel your body becoming more athletic with each passing week.

Freeletics are based on three types of following exercise:


Cardio style training is the easiest of all three and involves the highest amount of repetition. Cardio style workout is suitable for people who are looking to lose weight and make their body shape leaner.


Standard style regimen is a little difficult and it involves repetitions which are lesser in number than for the cardio style. This exercise is for those who are looking to both burn fats and also build some muscles.


Strength style is the one to maximize your workout potential as it involves high intensity short burst of exercises which usually involve very few repetition. This freeletics style is specifically engineered to provide.

The biggest advantage of freeletics is that you can do this workout regimen virtually anywhere whether it may be outside, inside a studio, or even in your own bedroom. You need only a solid thing to latch on for performing pull-ups and the rest can be done without using any gear.

freeletics fitness workout

freeletics fitness workout


To maximize your workout potential, you may want to perform freeletics with weighted vests once you amass enough weeks of exercise under your belt. You may only need a comfy workout suit, sneakers or trainers. If you want a cleaner and cushioned surface you can always opt for a yoga mat or spread a towel on the surface you are going to work out.

Following are some of the main exercises that are involved within a freeletics training regimen.

  • Squats
  • Pull-ups
  • Deep Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Sprinting
  • Hand-Stands
  • Jackknives
  • Burpees
  • High Jumps

These are some of the key exercises involved in freeletics. Remember that your own workout goal may include some others or just a few of these as your workout will be specified by your freeletics coach.

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