How to Buy Good Yoga Equipment?

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April 20, 2015
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How to Buy Good Yoga Equipment?

Yoga Equipment

Yoga Equipment

Yoga is one of the most ancient fitness regimen that despite the passage of time has not gone out of fashion. It has grown to fame exponentially among masses for its miraculous traits during the past couple of years. Yoga is an outstanding fitness program that is known to bring balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Equipment

Yoga Equipment


Yoga is not a competitive fitness plan, still some basic yoga equipment are required to start participating regularly in classes.

Important Yoga Gear:

Yoga Attire:

Yoga is all about serenity and tranquillity! To perform yoga movements effectively, you need to have comfortable clothing. It is carried out with barefoot, so you don’t need any shoes.

Yoga Pants and Shorts:

Pants and shorts with loose fitting with stretchy flexible fabric are the best option for yoga practicing. Flexible material let your legs stretch as required, cotton-spandex blend is a more breathable option for performing best in yoga.

Yoga Accessories

Yoga Accessories


T-Shirt or Tank Top:

During fitness regimens, body gets hot most of the time. So comfortable tank tops or t-shirts are the best alternative when choosing right kind of yoga apparel.

Yoga Mat:

Yoga mats support your body and help in performing yoga postures with perfection. The mat also prevents a person from potential injuries that can occur by slippery surface. They help yoga practitioners in improving balance and coordination while offering better stability and traction.

When buying a good Yoga mat, you need to check out these attributes:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Environment friendly

Yoga mats are made from thin material that help your feet stay on the mat firmly. Many yoga mats are designed with such a material that you can wash them easily once or twice in a week.

Buying Guidelines for Yoga Mats:

Pick The Right Size:

Generally the size of a yoga mat is about 24 inches in width and 68 inches in length. Those who are taller can go for longer yoga mats, you will find them up to 85 inches long.

Look Out Material:

Yoga mats are usually made from synthetic material that offers great traction, but mats made from natural material can also be available that may be a little costly.

Yoga Exercise

Yoga Exercise


Add A Carrier:

Those who need to take their mat to a studio or yoga clubs, they may want to add a carrier. Various yoga mats are available with straps that can easily be wrapped around it and has a handle to it. Few designed of yoga mats can be accessible with other compartments for hanging car keys and a water bottle.

Water Bottle:

Yoga involves plenty of water intake during its practice. Yoga performers need to drink lots of water before, during and after yoga sessions. If you are practicing yoga at home, you still need to have plenty of water during its sessions.

Optional Yoga Equipment:

Some yoga equipment that are just option to make your yoga sessions more effective and helping are:

  • Yoga Ball
  • Yoga Block
  • Yoga Straps or Belts
  • Eye Pillow


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