Kovalev Got Robbed In Sin City after Horrendous Decision by Judges

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Kovalev Got Robbed In Sin City after Horrendous Decision by Judges

Sergey Kovalev’s career unbeaten run came to an end last on Saturday night in Las Vegas, as Andre Ward won a Unanimous Decision victory by all three judges from United Stated. However, these were the only people who thought the man who’s nicknamed S.O.G.Son of God”, deserved a win. Yes, it was a close fight but due to the fact Kovalev was able to knockdown ‘The American Hero’ in the 2nd round and dominated the fight for the first 6 rounds.

“Krusher” was rightly disgusted after the highly contentious decision was announced.

Kovalev said in post-fight interview: “It’s the wrong decision. But I don’t want to give my opinion. Everybody is here, witnesses are here, everybody saw what happened.”

“He got maybe a few rounds. But not the whole fight. I kept control. I lost maybe three rounds.

“I’m a guest here in the USA and he’s a local, and all the judges are from the USA. I agree they support their boxer but honestly, this is sport. Don’t make it like politics.”

It’s the decisions like these that is tarnishing this great sport. The judges needs to be accountable for such horrendous decisions. The only bright side of Russian would be that there is a high possibility of a rematch. We don’t know yet if the rematch clause was inserted in the fight or not but he certainly deserves such a shot otherwise boxing fans will continue to drift away from the game.

Ward, on the other hand is over the moon with this early Christmas present, now owns the light heavyweight division of the world. S.O.G has also achieved a unique feat of holding two-weight world titles. However, despite the result, his performance in this fight left many question marks on his performance. He wasn’t able to bother trouble Kovalev throughout the duration of the fight. Got knockout out vary easily in the 2nd. If the rematch take place in 2017, he would be sweating heavily at the prospect of facing the big man again.

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