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How to Craft a Do-It-Yourself Workout Plan

DIY Workout Plan

DIY Workout Plan

One of the most common issues people face when it comes to workout is choosing the right kind of workout plan. There are tons of workout plans available today, however, since one size does not fit all and this is where the problem arises. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Some people prefer to have their belly reduced while others focus on getting thigh gap. Similarly, some people want to have a shaped bum like Kardashian, while others perform workouts to build muscles. Given such variations in the preferences, the need of customized fitness workout plans has increased drastically.

DIY Workout Plan

DIY Workout Plan


More and more people are looking to get a personalized plan but are unable to find someone who can help in this regards. To create an easy for the fitness lovers, we are coming up with a list of factors that should become the base for your workout plan. Answering those simple questions will help you to craft your personalized workout plan.

Elaborating your basic state

The first thing is to determine your basic factors and find out what would be your first step. Answer the following two questions.

How much time can you allocate for your fitness workout? If you are single you can keep it an hour, while if you have family, half an hour is more than enough. One rule of thumb is to be ‘regular’ in exercise regardless of every other factor out there.

Where would you perform your workout? If you have easy access to gym, you can go for it as the easiest option; alternatively you can do simple workouts at home. If you have enough resources, you can come up with a do-it-yourself project of garage gym and create a fully customized gym for yourself.

Choosing Exercises to perform

This is the core step of the process, you have to define, which exercise you should perform and which to avoid. Here is a list of exercises with its benefits.

  • If you want to improve your chest, triceps and shoulder muscles, you should perform bench press, overhead press, dips and push-ups.
  • If you plan to improve the Hamstring and Bum muscles, you should do deadlifts, hip raises and step-ups.
  • If you want to build back muscles, forearms or biceps, exercises like inverse body weight rows, pull-ups, chin-ups and dumbbell rows are beneficial.
  • If your preference is to focus your energy on lower back and abs, then planks, hanging leg raises, ball crunch and jumping knee tucks should be part of your workout plan.

Calculating the Amount of Sets

Calculating the number of sets you should perform for each of your exercise is very important. If the total number of all sets of al exercises stands at 15-25 then it means you are having a balanced approach. Usually 4-6 sets of each exercise are considered good and are recommended by fitness experts. If you increase the total number of sets in one given day to 25, you may end up hurting yourself.

DIY Workout

DIY Workout


These are some of the important steps to follow in order to ensure that you make a good and well balanced workout plans. There are some other general questions as well, answering which can further fine tune your workout plan and help you in coming up with something very efficient. Here is the list of your fine tuning questions:

  • How many repetitions of each exercise should be performed?
  • How long should you wait between any two sets of exercises?
  • How much weight should you lift initially and how do I increase it and how much?
  • Should you go for straight continuous sets or alternate sets?

Following the above steps you will be able to design a brilliantly personalized plan which will not only help you in getting in shape but will also keep you healthy and smart.

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