Can You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?!

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Best Fitness Advise for Budding Boxers
April 27, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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Can You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?!

The Godly structure of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s body is a benchmark for every fitness enthusiast. The man has played son of Zeus as Hercules in Hollywood and a lot of it was down to his physique and not his acting skills, hence the relatively low numbers in business. But the fact remains, that Dwayne Johnson is hands down the epitome of body building in present times.

The Rock

The Rock

Started as a football player and then turned towards professional wrestling in WWE and now finally making his mark in Hollywood, The Rock has come a long way and is now an inspiration to many people who are passionate about extreme body fitness and body building.

In a recent interview he shared his detailed diet program that helps him maintain his body structure in its top shape.

“For different roles my condition and training and diet does alter, depending on the role, it will really dictate the type of training I do. For ‘Hercules,’ it was a 22-week diet, while for ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ it was about a 14-week diet, and for ‘Pain & Gain’ I wanted to come out looking bulky, big, and dangerous, so we adjusted accordingly’.

Here is the list of meals that The Rock eats on different days of the week:


  • Monday- 100z of raw steak, 4 egg whites and 50z of oatmeal
  • Tuesday- 80z of chicken, 2 cups of white rice and 1 cup of broccoli
  • Wednesday- 2 cups of white rice, 80z of Halibut and 1 cup of asparagus
  • Thursday- 80z of chicken, 120z of baked potato and 1 cup of broccoli
  • Friday- 80z of Halibut, ½ cup of white rice and 1 cup of asparagus
  • Saturday- 80z of raw steak, 90z of baked potato and fresh salad
  • Sunday- 30 grams of casein protein and 10 egg whites


It is a hard act to follow for us normal humans to match a demigods’ diet routine but it gives you an idea that a well-structured diet is essential to back up an intense workout plan. A diet plan that goes well with a gym workout plan can do wonders in building a well-toned body structure for any individual.

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