Weight Loss Plan For Fitness Freaks

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December 1, 2016
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December 6, 2016
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Weight Loss Plan For Fitness Freaks

Nowadays, you will find numerous fitness freaks in different parks where they are trying to lose weight by walking, running and jogging. It is good to do exercises early morning in the open air. But if you belong to the working class and you don’t have time to exercise then gym is one solution where you can start your fitness plan after work hours. Here is a workout plan for beginners:


Cardio includes walking, running jogging or any movement that would affect the heart rate. While doing cardio at gym, treadmill and elliptical are two machines that you must do. When your body will release heat, it will sweat and burn the fats.

As a beginner at gym, there are few accessories that you might need for a good workout. Gym gloves are one of the necessary accessories that you need as a beginner. You cannot handle the sweat on your hands at first while running on treadmills or doing elliptical, gym gloves can help you in gripping gym equipment and you will not get injured. Adding importance to gym gloves, they protect you from the bacteria on gym equipment.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is also known as strength training. It is recommended that the beginner should do weight lifting after a month of cardio. For weight lifting, you need stamina and strength. For power lifters, weight lifting belts have been introduced. Those belts are comfortable and cushioned enough to save your back from serious injuries.

Heavy Boxing Training

To shape up your body, punching bag is really helpful. It reinforces your bones and muscles. Your cardiovascular system gets better as it releases stress and bring in more energy.  For punching bag, boxing gloves are useful because they are made with cowhide leather and you can punch hard on the punching bag to assess your physical strength.

Going to gym is healthy but for fitness, you need to take care of diet too. Keep a healthy diet that includes proteins and carbohydrates in daily routine.

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