UFC – Safe fighting Podium

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November 24, 2016
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UFC – Safe fighting Podium

When it comes to safe fighting UFC is the name we hear where famous champions have made their careers as boxers and martial artists. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a platform for experienced boxers and, mixed martial artists. It is one of the renowned podiums for real fighting.

Unlike wrestling, the fighter can use all his eight limbs (hands, elbows, knees and feet). Getting in to UFC is not an easy task. You really need to fight with passion but at the same side you have to be careful with violence.

In fact, you can defend yourself with any possible move to win the belt.

There are championship belts that are presented as accomplishment to the fighter for the next level. The champions at UFC have several belts that need to qualify to become the champion of one of those UFC belts. It is not a onetime competition to win the next UFC belt. The fighter has to go through certain levels to win the belt.

Several belts divisions have been formulated in the recent times to make UFC fun and for compassionated fighters of all the times.

Those belts are classified through weight classes. It starts from the feather weight to light weight, then middle weight and heavy weight class is the beginning of the UFC champion in real terms.

The feather weight class belt is qualified by a fighter who is less than 90 kg and can fight someone with his weight or someone of 91kg maximum. Next comes the heavy weight classes belt that is received by a fighter who is around 90kg and or fight someone who is more than 91 or above  than that.

The belts only work well for the champions when they win by a fighter who is light weighted or who is on the next level of the belt.

Fight safe!

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