Scarlett Johansson’s training and diet routine

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Scarlett Johansson’s training and diet routine

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You don’t become the Black Widow in the Avengers without reaching the peak levels of fitness and fighting skills. And that is exactly what Scarlett Johansson did, she looks absolutely stunning in that black leather super suit. And a carefully constructed diet of mini meals during the day, provided the final touches of awesomeness.scar3

Here’s a sneak peak of her workout and diet routine.

90 minutes of circuits:

Cardio movements that included dumbbells, resistance bands and medicine balls were a trademark of those intense and explosive circuits. Scarlett did 20 sets of 20-25 repetitions without any rest and her personal trainer, Bobby Strom said: “We picked up with the same program we’d used for Iron Man 2 and it had a proven history”.

Core Workout:

Black Widow was an extremely physically demanding role and required Scarlett to have a very flexible and strong body at the same time. All stunts had to be performed by her and not a double, so, a strong upper body and super legs were the only way to go about it. Scarlett added multiple repetitions of squats, lunges, chin-ups with and without weights to tighten up all parts.

Mixed Martial Arts, why not?

She was the Black Widow, and it had to be done. Those insane moves and back front flips were all down to her training of Mixed Martial Arts. She said: “you get beat up a lot, It’s painful but its’ a great way to learn about self-defense and attack.


  • Breakfast- Scarlett was careful to keep her first meal of the day a little light with two omelets, oat meal and fresh berries.
  • Lunch and Snacks- Almonds and apples for snacks and lunch. She kept this particular meal of the day as light as possible.
  • Dinner- Protein rich dinner with steamed fish and red onions. She used cabbage and broccoli on alternate days as per her nutritional needs.
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