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How to Lose Body Fat?


Do you have bulging tummy or want to cut fat from certain other area of your body? Losing body fat can’t be an easy task for someone. In order to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, you need to follow proper diet and exercise routine. If you also want to lose body fat than you have landed in the right place. In this article, we share some effective diet and exercise tips that will help you lose fat and get perfect body.

Before knowing about the tips regarding exercise, you have to look on the food that can help you to lose weight. How hard you exercise to lose weight? You can’t achieve your goals until you don’t follow proper diet. Here are some tips that will help you to burn fat and lose weight.

Add proteins to your diet:

Adding proteins to your diet may be a good long term strategy to burn fat. When it comes to losing weight, protein is the most important macronutrient. It boosts metabolism and reduces cravings by 60 percent per day. If your goal is losing weight quickly, then adding proteins to your diet is the most effective thing you can do. Besides helping you lose weight, it also keeps from re-gaining it. Proteins can specifically help you get rid of belly fat.

Have diet with less carbs:

Cutting carbs from your diet is another very effective way to lose fat. By cutting carbs from your diet, your appetite will go down that will result in quick weight loss. When low-fat and low-carb diets are compared, low-carb diets target the fat in the belly and around the organs and liver. Just cutting off refined carbs such as pastas and white breads is enough if your protein intake is high.

Add fiber to your diet:

Adding more fiber to your diet can help with weight loss. However, you should keep in mind that not all the fibers are created equal. Viscous fibers are more effective for losing weight. Intake of additional 14 grams of fiber brings 10% of decrease in calorie and helps lose about 2 kg of weight in 4 months. Soluble fiber may be more helpful for reducing the harmful belly fat. You can get more fiber by eating a lot of plant foods like vegetables and fruits. Legumes and some cereals like oat are also a good source of fiber.

Now, here are some exercise tips that can help you lose fat quickly.

Gradually increase the intensity of exercise:

If you are overweight, it is probably the best way to start with low-intensity aerobics. This is to make sure that your body is not placed under stress. Once you get used to low intensity exercise, gradually move to higher-intensity program.

Mix up aerobic exercises:

In order to eliminate boredom and bring variety in your workout routine, add various kinds of aerobic activities. Different activities will also have different fat burning effects. They will be more helpful for stimulating metabolism and enhancing fat loss on greater level.

Do strength training:

Strength training can help you to lose fat and make your body shape. You can do push-ups, pull-ups or lift heavy weights according to your workout schedule & capacity. To maximize the fat burning effect of strength training, women should increase the repetitions for each exercise. However, men should increase the weight periodically.

Exercise larger muscles:

If you really want to burn fat, you should work on large muscles of body such as thighs, bottom, back and chest. Working on larger muscles will help you increase calorie expenditure.

Burning fat and losing weight can be difficult but following some helpful tips regarding exercise and diet will help you lose fat & weight more quickly.

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