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Five Tips for Overcoming Gym Injuries


Nutrition is the key:

Many people underestimate and overlook the power of nutrition when it comes to defeating injuries. In my view this is the most important factor when you are trying to recover from minor or serious injuries. Some injuries can take lot of time to recover but this time can be reduced by taking adequate nutrition.

Nutrition's,Diet,Omega 3,Food

Food is the main source of a strong blood supply, which speeds up the recover process. Eat a balanced diet and foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, but avoid inflammatory foods such as fried and processed food. Drink a lot of raw fresh juices made from organic, fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and enzymes.

Don’t ignore minor injuries:

It is a common observation that athletes don’t take their injuries seriously unless they are in too much pain.

Gym,Lifting,Injuries,TipsIt is advised to evaluate all injuries even if they seem minor at first. Some smaller injuries can later develop in to something big if they are not looked after well.

Lifting too much weight too quickly is a recipe for disaster:

Most people injure themselves when they are trying to lift weights that they cannot handle and dropping on themselves. Also if you lift too much weight it can put excessive strain on your ligament, tendons, and joints.

Weight,Lifting,InjuriesYou can avoid an injury if you to go up gradually and don’t lift heavyweights just because your friend is able to do that. Let your body prepare itself for heavy lifts by slowly increasing the weights, this is an advice that experienced weightlifters often give.

Be extra cautious when coming back from a serious injury:

This is the biggest mistake made by athletes, as they try to start training too quickly.

Gym,Injuries,OvercomingIf you are not fully recovered and start working out too soon, the injuries can reappear which sometimes can take longer time to heal.

Warm up properly:

Always begin your daily workout and gym exercises with a proper 5-10 minute warm up. A warm up prepares your body well and eliminates the chance of an injury.

Gym,Warm up,Care,TipsAs an added advantage, it also help you to develop more muscle. Light running, stretching, and breathing exercise are best ways to warm up your cold muscles and circulate blood in your body.

If you follow these tips, it will help you avoid dangerous injuries and also recover from them quickly.

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