February 2, 2016

How to Lose Body Fat?

Do you have bulging tummy or want to cut fat from certain other area of your body? Losing body fat can’t be an easy task for […]
January 29, 2016
Fitness, muscles, injuries, prevention

Fitness Tips – How To Avoid Muscle Injuries

During long-term workout sessions and while lifting heavyweight, one can get seriously injured and harmed due to sharp edges of the equipment, friction between hands and […]
January 27, 2016

3 Best Cardio Exercises (Without Machines)

Cardio exercises are essential for a healthy heart and a toned body. These workouts are not too difficult to be performed and some of them require […]
January 7, 2016

Five Tips for Overcoming Gym Injuries

Nutrition is the key: Many people underestimate and overlook the power of nutrition when it comes to defeating injuries. In my view this is the most […]